John Lodge: ECC votes to oppose unsustainable Local Plans

This week at the full meeting of Essex County Council members, a motion which I strongly supported was passed on the subject of Local Development Plans (‘Local Plans’) being prepared across the county.

There is broad concern that in the drive to build large numbers of major housing schemes then the related infrastructure requirements are being ignored.  The motion committed ECC to positively oppose plans in which they viewed that infrastructure was inadequate.  This included areas such as Highways and Education for which ECC has formal responsibility, but also extended to other areas such as health, water and sewage.

Shortly afterwards I then asked a formal question of the leader of the Council then if ECC would join with residents in our district in opposing their draft Uttlesford Local Plan in the upcoming examination by the Planning Inspector.  (I did list the shortcomings of the UDC plan but was stopped short by the chair because, as you will be aware, it is a long list!!!).   The Conservative leader, Cllr David Finch, was possibly in a somewhat difficult situation following the motion that he could not say NO. He then asked me to submit my objections to the plan for consideration.  I feel it likely that ECC will find good reasons not to act, however this could give us very good publicity for our opposition to the unsustainable aspects of the UDC Cabinet’s draft Local Plan.

Stay tuned for updates.