Dan Starr: Stick your hand in the air if you love where you live

It’s just not working. We believe that the current district council is failing the residents and communities of Uttlesford. There are many hardworking and dedicated employees and councillors at UDC, but we believe that the leadership isn’t up to the job – and they set the tone and agenda. They are trading our long-term legacy and future quality of life for short-term cash grabbing and self-serving politics. Residents from across the district have told us they want proper strategic plans, far higher standards, and effective accountability from district leaders. It is clear that we are not getting it.

They work for us

Many residents’ groups have tried to work with the council leadership, but they’ve made it patently clear that they are not interested in the views of residents. Changes in leadership has made no different – there is now less transparency and more gagging or public speakers at council meetings. This is a council that is elected by us and paid for by us – they work for us, but seem to have forgotten it.

Time for a change

It is clear that if the leopard isn’t going to change its spots, we need to change the leopard. It is time that residents decided for themselves and not the national political party whip. To do that, residents need to take control of Uttlesford District Council in 2015 by electing a majority of their own residents’ councillors with common aims. That’s why residents groups from across Uttlesford have created their own residents’ party – Residents for Uttlesford.

Your district needs you

That means that we’re calling on residents, parish councillors, and disaffected district councillors from every community across the district to join our growing team of Residents for Uttlesford prospective candidates for Uttlesford 2015.  We are a proven and credible voice for residents – and in the last year we’ve gained a county councillor and 2 district councillors. We can do it again in 2015, but we need to on a bigger scale.

Prospective candidates and volunteers

We’re looking for people who may want to stand as councillors. We’re also looking for volunteers that can help with the election campaign in any capacity, such as leaflet stuffing (while walking the dog?), canvassing, social media, and administration among other things. And we’re looking for people in all the towns and villages of Uttlesford.

Find out more and get invovled

If you love where you live, would like to see a change, or even want to get involved, please drop us a line. If you love where you live, stick your hand in the air to be counted.