BBC News at 6 and 10 feature from Saffron Walden on Thursday 22

On Thursday 22st October the national BBC News at 6 and 10 will air a segment about housing development that they filmed with Residents for Uttlesford (R4U) in Saffron Walden. …read more →

A new Aldi in Saffron Walden is exciting, but will it benefit the town?

A new Aldi has just opened up on the edge of Saffron Walden. It will provide competition, consumer choice, but will it pull footfall away from the town centre? I …read more →

Dan Starr: George Osborne doesn’t think residents should decide what’s best for Uttlesford

A number of this week’s budget announcements are a full-frontal assault on localism. The much promoted recent localism and devolution agendas have been well and truly shoved to one side …read more →

Dan Starr on the Ashdon ward: Hard fought. Narrowly lost. Personal gain.

I contested the Ashdon ward in this week’s Uttlesford local elections. I lost by 42 votes. It was so close that it was doubly disappointing. But I’m smiling. Quite a …read more →

And the count goes on….until Friday evening

Election Day started before 6AM for me as I wanted to be at the polling stations in my ward by 7. It was great to see so many faces I …read more →

It’s all about trust.

We have focused our Residents’ campaign on policies to shape Uttlesford’s future. But when the electorate is being so deliberately misled, it is difficult to let it pass. Recent public …read more →

Dan Starr: Statement given at the Kier Hearing…

The following statement was delivered to the Kier Appeal by resident Dan Starr – 18 March 2015: Good morning and thank you for the opportunity of addressing the appeal hearing. …read more →

New faces, familiar faces, fresh ideas

It’s all over the local press and we hear it from residents first hand every time an existing councillor crosses the aisle to join us ahead of the May election: …read more →

Dan Starr: ‘Naked opposition’ – and there’s the problem writ large

Anyone who has experienced an Uttlesford District Council debate about any serious matter will have come away from it disappointed in the local politicians. I have often. Like a classroom …read more →

Dan Starr: Why an expanded Waitrose is excellent for Saffron Walden

Waitrose are moving ahead with the expansion of their supermarket in the centre of Saffron Walden. They started work this week. I think its great news for the town. Over …read more →