Dan Starr: “Every voice, every community”

I got an inbound email from a resident in the south of the district this week. He said that “an independent residents’ party is an excellent idea” but wanted to know how we’d work to make sure residents voices would be heard from the smaller communities and villages. That is an excellent question and there is a 2 part answer.
Firstly, if a local wants to come forward and is elected as an Uttlesford District R4U councillor next May, then they’ll have a direct seat at the table.

Secondly, it is our intention to win control of the district council. If we do, we’ll put in place policies that allow every Town and Parish Council to have a stronger voice in deciding what happens where they live – irrespective of if they have their own R4U councillor or not.
We’ll be unveiling our detailed policies nearer the election, but they are all designed to allow residents to decide for themselves.

To make this happen requires 2 things from the electorate:
Vote for your Residents-for-Uttlesford candidate in your ward in May 2015;
If you don’t have an R4U candidate locally, you could even stand yourself, just drop us a line.

You should think carefully about what nationally affiliated candidates (and specifically the Conservatives currently in majority at UDC) have done for locals, for local reasons, meeting local needs… During the last 4 years they have banned the public from speaking at Council meetings, taken political decisions instead of listening to what residents want, and are sitting on over £7m of OUR money that they should be spending for our benefit, not theirs.
To misquote Oliver Hardy,

“They’re the ones that have got us into the fine mess we’re in today.”

We need better. It’s time for a change for good, for residents.