R4U ECC Cllr John Lodge: The New Plan Working Group begins its task…

The new world started this week.

The Plan Working Group held its first meeting following the Inspector’s report and we have a chance to influence the New Plan.You can listen to a replay of what happened here. In what is likely to be a two year process, R4U will sit at the table; and for the first time in many years will bring a much needed level of experience, breadth and competence in planning. This competence can be seen in the CVs of our existing and recently announced prospective candidates. Over and above that, our growing team also has broad experience in other vital areas such as Commerce, Finance and Social Housing and will aim to improve on the current overall performance of UDC.

Interestingly, in last week’s Conservative “In touch” leaflet, they said that R4U is the only party which can beat them; how right they are.


One Reply to “R4U ECC Cllr John Lodge: The New Plan Working Group begins its task…”

  1. ian brown

    Let us ensure for this generation and the next, we who love the place in which we reside, raise our families, play and work never again find ourselves abandoned to predatory developers who’s only true interest is the size of their bank balance.

    As residents we understand the need for additional housing, after all someone had the foresight to build the homes we all occupy and enjoy today, however, we need a suitable and sustainable mix of new housing sited around the District supported by an infrastructure that forms part of and grows in parallel with that new development.

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