Meeting, talking, engaging…and listening.

As an R4U Prospective Candidate for the Dunmow North ward, I attended the official launch of the Residents manifesto. Any one with an interest in local issues was invited to come along, discuss the manifesto, raise some funds and engage with the actual candidates, listening to what they want and need.

Being the newby I was not sure what to expect and I must say the sheer number of local residents who were keen to find out what Residents for Uttlesford were all about made the whole event very exciting. I even had the pleasure of discussing the manifesto with a more senior citizen than me and when I asked her to add some post it notes to the manifesto board she said “Oh, I have already commented online.

So this is the way forward, an online presence yes, but also a very real and valuable opportunity to speak to real people. Now on to the doorstep canvassing and campaigning -keep a look out for me and have your questions ready!