Plan -to be NAKED

There is no gentler way to put this other than to say it as it is – the disastrous dereliction of duty by our current District Councillors ,which has resulted in a discredited and thrown out Local Plan, has left us NAKED.

Metaphorically we have been stripped and abandoned to rampant, predatory developers who have little to no interest in what we want for the place you and I call home.

Two years and in excess of £2,000,000 on consulting has been squandered on a discredited, now thrown out Local Plan; we at R4U intend to NEVER allow that to happen again under our watch.

A coherent, sustainable Local Plan is fundamental to the way we organise our affairs, how we plan, budget and invest our resources in Housing, Health & Welfare, Schools and Roads, Community & Leisure, the Economy & Jobs, our Environment and so much more (find our Manifesto here); the things that once made this corner of England one of the most desirable places to live.

We intend to wrestle control of the tiller and set Uttlesford back on course where you and I have a voice that is heard and cannot be ignored; certainly it is no easy task but we are in it for the long term and certainly up to the task.

So what are the options? More of the same for the benefit of the few or a return to democratic, non partisan localism where we all share the gains?

I know what gets my vote, how about you?