What traffic chicanery is this?

First things first – go fetch your diary and pencil this date in – Tuesday 17th February, 7-30pm, Foakes Hall.

OK so what’s it all about? Well you for a start and your town and the future of its traffic & roads system.

The currently labelled Traffic Management Group are meeting on the 17th and you are invited, I for one would urge, nay implore you to turn up as I do not want you coming to me wagging your finger and stating “I did not vote for that” and I will reply “No, indeed, you did not!”

You will find the meeting interesting, humorous at times, with some passionate fellow residents, who feel strongly about the flow and volume of traffic through the town in general and pass their door specifically, making themselves heard.

You do not have to speak, although I would encourage you to make your views and concerns known; myself and one of my colleagues from R4U, Alex Armstrong, will be in attendance (he is the better looking one) as we feel it is important that ALL views, opinions and options are tabled for discussion.

So if you want chicanes, speed humps, a blanket 20mph speed limit, one way systems, pedestrianised zones or mobile speed traps throughout your town then come along and support that view, if you do not then likewise come along to support that view.

See you there, it should be an interesting hour and a half.