“Just what we need – politics out of Local Government”

I have had a wonderful time canvassing with the folks from Duddenhoe End, Littlebury Green, Catmere End and Strethall. The people I spoke to were well informed, articulate, and very concerned about local and central Government policies, particularly about housing and jobs.

Some of the comments I have received are:

“You’re the only person to knock on my door – it is great to see you!”
“non political – how refreshing!”
“I will definitely vote for you”
“I know John Lodge/Paul Gadd – great work”
“I will vote for Joanna Parry because I live in Newport – just visiting!”
“I have seen all the boards and hoped someone would explain what the party is about”
“Just what we need – politics out of local government”
“We need affordable homes for our teachers/nurses/our children”
“There aren’t any affordable homes in the villages”
“Why does David Cameron want to sell off Council Houses and give the money to Housing Associations? These are the affordable homes we need”

It is good to have strong opposition to the current administration, roll on May 7th!