Don’t play ‘party politics’ with the local plan.

In last week’s press the Conservative UDC leader asserted that R4U Councillors had played naïve protest politics with regard to the New Plan consultation document. If so then let us have more naïvety.

The result of the R4U scrutiny, aided by one tory member notably, was that the document has been significantly improved for the consultation. Hence the leader should be delighted along with everyone else in Uttlesford that the Planning Process has been improved. This all then very ably illustrates a major problem with politics and democracy as exercised by Conservative administrations both in Westminster and Uttlesford.

They will never understand that the British public do not like a small minority of cabinet members telling their majority of elected members what to think and do. Cabinet systems and whipping of members are not what Residents want. It was those Residents of Saffron Walden and Newport who rejected all Conservative candidates, but the Conservatives still do not understand that they should not play party politics with the vital Local Plan.