Residents’ power: Remedial works started on Wenden Rd by Essex County Council

We’re still working hard on behalf of residents to try to get the Wenden Rd Pedestrian and Cycle Way improved. The scheme ECC implemented is a compromise, but we want it to be as safe and as usable as possible.

Following the feedback given to our Essex County Councillor John Lodge and to me from local residents, over a week ago we both sent ECC Highways detailed proposals for improving the scheme.   ECC have now started the remedial works, including resurfacing sections of the road, improving the pavement and cutting back verges to give more space, and they are extending the path to the Saffron Walden County High School entrance.  ECC’s first batch of remedial works programme can be read here.

We remain concerned that the ECC improvements don’t address all of residents’ concerns however, and are continuing to push for other changes, particularly in relation to the bollards at the western end of Wenden Road (to remove the chicane effect, which has attracted numerous complaints), to show clearly how the cycle lane down the hill next to the High School is intended to operate, and to introduce speed limits that are consistent with the roads it is between.

On the positive side the scheme does seem to be encouraging cycles and walking already. The bike racks at Audley End station are busier than in previous autumns.

Cllr Paul Gadd
R4U, Saffron Walden Town Council