Watch the BBC News feature from Saffron Walden that highlights the new housing challenges facing many parts of Britain

As part of its Housing Britain series, the BBC News at 6 and 10 visited Saffron Walden where rapid development and a lack of infrastructure are causing friction. The correspondent is Reeta Chakrabarti.

Airdate: 22 October 2015 (c) 2015 BBC (

A national issue

A national BBC News at 6 and 10 item covering the development and infrastructural challenges facing many communities in the UK where rapid home building is happening. BBC News anchor and correspondent Reeta Chakrabarti visits Saffron Walden in the rural Uttlesford district of Essex where residents have formed their own party, Residents for Uttlesford ( The party was formed to give local people more say in what happens and has gained a number of local government election successes.