Resolving neighbourhood disputes as a community.

As a Councillor it is disappointing and frustrating to take on a case on behalf of a resident and find a satisfactory resolution very difficult to achieve. Perhaps you can help?

On many housing estates where houses do not have side access and gardens run back-to-back, an alleyway is put in to give access to the rear of houses, both for the convenience of the residents and as access for fire safety.

Such alleyways exist across the area, but in some cases, the end of the rows have been “appropriated” by residents. They effectively incorporated it in to their own land, and fence off the access to other residents. Consultation with the District Council on these cases tells us that this is a civil matter and the only course open to affected householders is to consult a solicitor. I’m sure you are aware of neighbourhood disputes such as this where the costs have escalated and the only real winners are the lawyers!

Whether it’s about fences, overgrown hedges or parking inconsiderately, all communities face uncompromising behaviour at some point. How we resolve these issues together is what matters as councillors and residents. If you know of similar cases or have any advice on this – please get in touch.