It’s been a privilege to represent Newport, Quendon, Rickling and Widdington – Jo Parry

For the past four years I have been privileged to have represented the people of Newport, Quendon, Rickling and Widdington as District Councillor, and Newport as Parish Councillor. It is …read more →

Resolving neighbourhood disputes as a community.

As a Councillor it is disappointing and frustrating to take on a case on behalf of a resident and find a satisfactory resolution very difficult to achieve. Perhaps you can …read more →

Newport Cllrs tackling speeding and bridge strikes…

We have been busy since being elected as district councillors a month and a half ago. We are now starting regular surgeries around the Newport Ward, the first on Thursday …read more →

“I’m often asked where I think the housing should go”…

Residents for Uttlesford is committed to participating in the new Uttlesford Planning Policy Working Group (UPPWG) – and I am currently a member of this group. I am often asked …read more →

A seat at the table: R4U Cllr Jo Parry reports back

Recently we saw the first meeting of the Uttlesford Planning Policy Working Group (UPPWG) – a cross-party group which will be undertaking the construction of the new Local Plan for the …read more →

R4U Cllr Joanna Parry: Delighted to be part of the New Plan group

The Uttlesford Local Plan was rejected by the Planning Inspector last month. Now that the dust has settled, it is time for UDC to put together a working group to …read more →

Cllr Joanna Parry: Santa over Uttlesford!

Spot Father Christmas flying over Uttlesford on Christmas Eve! At around 5.23pm on Christmas Eve if you go outside (wrap up warm!) you’ll be able to see Father Christmas’s sleigh* …read more →

Cllr Joanna Parry: “Where to build a social housing development?”

When a housing association or council wants to buy a piece of land on which to build a development of 100% social housing, this is generally seen as a good …read more →

Cllr Joanna Parry: Holding UDC on meeting the true housing need

What is affordable housing? There is a popular misconception (even among some councillors!) that affordable housing is low cost housing for sale that enables young people to set a foot …read more →

Cllr Joanna Parry: “People are working tirelessly for a better Uttlesford”

It may seem a little odd that in my first blog I commented that the District Council needed non-party political members to work on behalf of residents – taking party …read more →