The campaign for essential infrastructure continues…

This is Whiteditch Lane in Newport. Here this morning there was a horse, a car, myself and the dog. (Picture is from 2013, wasn’t quick enough today, you’ll need to …read more →

Doing our best for our wards and the District…

In Newport the campaign was quite civilized and so thanks to our opponents for that. Our new group Residents for Uttlesford (R4U) took all of the Saffron Walden wards and …read more →

A big thanks to the Newport R4U Team!

While leafleting and canvassing… Newport has about 950 houses and big thanks to our team who have so far leafleted every house 3 times. The ward includes Widdington and Quendon …read more →

“I’m often asked where I think the housing should go”…

Residents for Uttlesford is committed to participating in the new Uttlesford Planning Policy Working Group (UPPWG) – and I am currently a member of this group. I am often asked …read more →

R4U Cllr Joanna Parry: Delighted to be part of the New Plan group

The Uttlesford Local Plan was rejected by the Planning Inspector last month. Now that the dust has settled, it is time for UDC to put together a working group to …read more →

Neil Hargreaves: effective public consultation in Newport

Newport residents recently had the opportunity to view and comment on proposals for an 85 house development near our primary school. It was good to talk with the landowners and …read more →

R4U Cllr Keith Mackman: cooperating to repair the Local Plan

R4U have always been committed to open public engagement, and with the process of repairing the broken draft local plan underway, we appreciate the need to cooperate with all stakeholders …read more →

Press Release: Residents Party accepts seat at table to fix Local Plan

Monday 12th January 2015, Saffron Walden: Residents-for-Uttlesford (R4U), the local advocacy party for towns and villages, has announced that it will be joining the revamped working group for the new …read more →

Cllr Joanna Parry: Santa over Uttlesford!

Spot Father Christmas flying over Uttlesford on Christmas Eve! At around 5.23pm on Christmas Eve if you go outside (wrap up warm!) you’ll be able to see Father Christmas’s sleigh* …read more →

Dan Starr: Residents views “count for nothing” as Tories close ranks to save face over failed Local Plan

Last night the full District Council met to discuss the Local Plan process and instead demonstrated all that is broken with local politics. The losers were the residents of Uttlesford …read more →