“I’m often asked where I think the housing should go”…

Residents for Uttlesford is committed to participating in the new Uttlesford Planning Policy Working Group (UPPWG) – and I am currently a member of this group. I am often asked where I think the houses should go, and so would like to state the position that both R4U and I hold on future housing:

We will consider all the evidence carefully before deciding which housing sites we think should be preferred.

We have not committed to pursuing a single settlement strategy although we note that this was recommended by the Planning Inspector in his report.

We oppose the current plan to build more houses to the east of Saffron Walden because of the detrimental impact, particularly of increased traffic through the town.

We support the provision of more social, and shared ownership, housing but do not believe that unsustainable planning applications should be approved to get them.

We want schools and medical facilities to be provided alongside new housing. We note that such facilities are currently oversubscribed and that house building has hardly begun. It is clear that planning has been inadequate in the past and it has taken action by pressure groups such as WaR to secure additional school places for the future.

We believe that houses should be built near jobs and good transport links so that commuting is as sustainable as possible. This is as required by the Government’s NPPF guidelines and should be a primary consideration in selecting housing sites.

Above all we shall be consulting, listening, visiting sites and ensuring as far as is humanly possible that the views and needs of the District are taken into consideration when planning for new housing development in Uttlesford.


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  1. Neil Gregory

    Hi Joanna,

    Thank you for this very carefully worded post.

    Trouble is it doesn’t really clear up the uncertainty caused by Dr Freeman’s apparent observation that 6000 houses should go at Gt Chesterford. Dr Freeman is a significant figure in R4U and may well be more influential after the election so his views matter.

    So just as I asked Patrick yesterday, let me pose the exact same questions to you.

    1. Do you support 6000 houses/homes in Gt Chesterford?
    2. Is this apparent statement by Dr Freeman official R4U policy?
    3. How does this apparent statement tie in with an evidence and local resident led approach to the new Local Plan?
    4. What is R4U policy on development at Gt Chesterford?

    Housing issues really do go to the root of much of this election, so I do consider there is a legitimate public interest in asking these questions.

    Yours truly


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