SWTC appoints new gardener at Bridge End Gardens!

After a long search, Saffron Walden Town Council has appointed a new gardener in charge at Bridge End Garden. SWTC has been delighted to welcome Matt Lester, and after only three weeks at Bridge End, Matt and his team are transforming the Garden.

Since the previous head gardener left, SWTC staff, helped by volunteers from the Friends of Bridge End Gardens, have been looking after Bridge End. The arrival of a new gardener in charge, with a dedicated assistant, has made a huge difference, and has already attracted comments such as:

“I’ve never been happier with the Garden”!

SWTC will be appointing a dedicated second gardener soon to complete the Garden team – for some while various members of the Council staff have done the work of the second gardener, but it’s generally believed that a dedicated team is a better result.

The team are off on a compulsory training course for the first half of this week, and so I and other volunteers have been helping out with some essential weeding and path clearing.

Please come and enjoy Bridge End Garden, and let us know what you think!