Is the next Greta Thunberg right here in Uttlesford? R4U takes lead in giving youth stronger say on issues

At Residents for Uttlesford (R4U) we have taken steps through our ‘Youth Council’ initiate at Uttlesford District Council to give younger residents strong representation on key issues that they care about.

Over the last few years young people have become more engaged with what is going on around them. Be it the UK’s place in the world, or Climate Change, they are demanding to be heard on the issues that affect their lives and our planet.

We recognise this because we are the local party of change that starts right at residents’ front doors. Three years ago whilst in opposition R4U created the Youth Council at UDC. Now that we lead the council we have implemented a series of changes to give them a stronger say. Youth Councillors now have a voice through a seat at the table at Full Council meetings; they are smarter because of increased direct support from officers and district councillors; and more of them are involved via an enlarged school engagement programme.

Now our Youth Council has come of age. Youth Councillors at UDC have already helped shaped our climate change policies. They also have lots to say on school buses, new homes, and access to local youth sports and leisure facilities. We encourage our district’s young people to be passionate about the world around them and to get involved.

Just maybe we have the next Greta Thunberg right here in Uttlesford.