Better site for refuse lorry depot approved after successful campaign by R4U councillors

After a campaign led by R4U councillors, the Uttlesford District Council Planning Committee has approved a new site for the council’s refuse lorry depot to the east of Great Dunmow. The decision overturns the previous UDC administration’s desire to build the depot in the countryside at Little Canfield.

Patrick Lavelle (R4U) Patrick Lavelle (R4U)

R4U’s Cllr Patrick Lavelle, District and Town councillor for Great Dunmow said “Dunmow and Little Canfield councillors strongly opposed proposals to build a new council bin lorry depot on high grade farmland near Little Canfield. Instead it now has been approved on land adjacent to an existing industrial site to the east of Great Dunmow.”

Cllr Lavelle added “The decision to build the depot in a poor location was made by the previous UDC administration. They were swept away last May in favour of councillors that would put residents first, and that is exactly what we are doing. The Little Canfield location had been vigorously and consistently opposed by my local R4U district council colleagues, residents and the surrounding town and parish councils. We are aware of the urgent need to relocate the existing depots from their current locations and are pleased that a new better site has now been approved.”

Cllr Patrick Lavelle, who is also Great Dunmow Deputy Mayor, continued “The new cross-party UDC Planning Committee refused the Little Canfield site twice, and instead last week gave approval for our preferred site next to the Dunmow sewage works – a much more suitable place to store bin lorries! UDC officers have now been instructed to conclude the legal agreement with the Dunmow site landowner. Importantly as part of approval the landowner has agreed to provide a public car park and a footbridge to access the woodland behind the site where Great Dunmow Town Council has recently planted 13,000 trees. This is a win-win for local residents – and a victory for doing the right thing for our environment.”