At UDC Residents for Uttlesford pushes for greater support and clear exit plan as Essex is moved into higher Covid Tier 2

At UDC Residents for Uttlesford is urging for greater support for local residents and businesses and a clearly defined exit plan as Essex County Council and the government move the whole county-council area up to Covid Tier 2 “High” level.

John Lodge (R4U) John Lodge (R4U)

R4U’s Cllr John Lodge, who is Leader of Uttlesford District Council, said “With much of Essex below the national Covid-19 infection average, it seems surprising that ECC pushed for the county to be moved up to the government’s Tier 2 response level. ECC, which is responsible for local emergency response, is in a difficult position and will be damned if they acted now or if they didn’t.”

Cllr Lodge continued “We expect ECC to be proactive to protect those most at risk. We also expect ECC to use the best available evidence when making decisions for our area. One of the more telling measures used is what is going on in hospitals. The data shows that our hospital Covid admissions are rapidly growing and our region is only weeks behind the North West, where there are more severe personal and business restrictions. ECC say they are trying to take early action to slow the virus in Essex to keep us out of the more restrictive Tier 3 for as long as possible or avoid it all together.”

R4U’s John Lodge concluded “Many residents are frustrated and our local hospitality businesses are being pushed closer to the edge. We might not personally like being moved to Tier 2, but it has been done – and we know that in times of crisis everyone must pull together. UDC cannot control the Tier Uttlesford is placed in, but we can play our part at UDC and the other councils where R4U is represented. At those councils we will work quickly and efficiently to implement the government’s support programmes, and will seek the best funding available for residents and businesses. We will also continue to hold ECC to account to make sure they always use solid evidence, and that they have a clear and transparent plan for moving out of Tier 2 as soon as the numbers allow. We will also push for a firm post-emergency recovery programme to help Uttlesford get back on its feet.”

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