R4U gains ground at Essex County Council and solidifies other council positions in Uttlesford

At the 6th May 2021 local elections, Residents for Uttlesford (R4U) has gained ground at Essex County Council from the Conservative Party and solidified its positions at Uttlesford District Council and Saffron Walden Town Council.

Dan Starr (R4U Chair) Dan Starr (R4U Chair)

Dan Starr, Chair of Residents for Uttlesford, said “We’d like to thank the voters of Uttlesford for their continued support of R4U and for backing our agenda of positive localism centred on residents. R4U saw huge growth in voter support compared to the previous 2017 Essex county elections. We have bucked the national trend by gaining ground at Essex County Council and solidified our positions at district and town councils.”

Dan Starr continued “We are delighted that Paul Gadd was elected by a large majority to represent the Saffron Walden County Division. We are also thrilled that Martin Foley will now represent the Thaxted County Division – the first time we’ve stood a candidate for that position. Residents will now have a stronger say in local matters. Importantly we also saw huge increases in support in the Dunmow and Stansted Divisions, where we took large blocks of votes from the Westminster parties. Even though we didn’t quite win those seats, in both we are now the second party and are within striking distance.”

R4U Chair Dan Starr concluded “Elsewhere in by-elections we have solidified our position. R4U’s Judy Emanuel took a resounding 64% of the vote in the Newport Uttlesford District Ward, but unfortunately we narrowly missed out in the Sampfords ward by only 23 votes. At Saffron Walden Town Council, R4U’s Katherine Gregory won the single seat being contested. We’d like to thank all of our candidates for offering to stand up and serve their neighbours, but again we really thank the people of Uttlesford for their support and vote of confidence in their local residents’ party. There’s a huge amount to do and it’s time to get down to business.”

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