Call for details of flooding on Sunday so we can take it up with ECC

A message from R4U’s Cllr Paul Gadd, Essex County Councillor for the Saffron Walden Division:

Paul Gadd (R4U) Paul Gadd (R4U)

The rain on Sunday was torrential in many parts of Uttlesford as well as in other parts of Essex – almost 40mm in less than 2 hours. ECC are responsible for drains and flood protection. As the Essex County Councillor for the Saffron Walden Division I am already preparing to take it up with them.


While today’s rain was unusually heavy, it is impossible to say how much of it was caused by Climate Change, and what is a result of poor planning at ECC and the effects of their continued cost cutting. What we do know is that flooding will happen more frequently, and we need to have drains that are both able to cope and properly maintained.


I have a pre-arranged meeting with an ECC drainage engineer this Thursday to discuss various local problems with blocked drains. I intend to discuss Sunday’s flooding with him as well. So I can hold Essex CC to account for residents I need to know where there were flooding issues. I’m aware of problems at  (1) Thaxted Road / Peaslands Rd, seemingly made worse by the new housing development on Thaxted Rd; (2) Bridge St; (3) Debden Rd / Rowntree Way / Hunters Way / Beeches Close and (4) Little Walden Road at Stonybridge Farm. Please let me know of any other significant areas by email, and include postcode and, if possible, pictures, to Thank you.