Carbon emissions cut by 57% at UDC by Residents Administration

The latest annual report published by Uttlesford District Council shows that, under R4U’s administration, the council’s greenhouse gas emissions have been cut by more than half since R4U came to power in 2019.

R4U’s Cllr Louise Pepper, who is the Uttlesford District Council portfolio holder for the Environment, said “We’re delighted by the progress our Residents Administration has made in slashing UDC’s carbon emissions. Emissions are now less than half their level in 2019. This is outstanding progress on our goal for UDC to be net-zero by 2030 – and delivers on yet another key election promise to residents.”

Cllr Pepper continued “When R4U were elected to lead and change UDC in 2019, the council generated the equivalent of more than 60kg of greenhouse gas emissions per district household – and had done so for years. As a direct result of the work we’ve jointly undertaken with the council’s senior officer team, that figure has consistently dropped each year we’ve led the council. The latest report shows that emissions have now massively reduced, to 26kg per household – that is 43% of the level we inherited from the previous Conservative administration. The largest reductions to date have been achieved by switching to green energy tariffs, changes to UDC’s vehicle fleet, and more flexible staff working practices.”

R4U’s Cllr Pepper concluded “We’re delighted by the solid progress at UDC so far, but there is still much to be done before 2030. And of course, we can all take our own actions to reduce our carbon footprint. That includes trying to reduce energy usage, especially as prices continue to increase. For more information on what businesses and residents can do, please search online for ‘Uttlesford check your tariff’ to visit UDC’s webpage about grants and assistance.”

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