Developers in Uttlesford urged to conserve water by Residents Administration at UDC

The R4U administration at Uttlesford District Council is writing to developers in the district to urge that they are considerate of water use and conserve it.

John Evans (R4U)John Evans (R4U)

R4U’s Cllr John Evans, UDC Portfolio Holder for the Planning, said “We live in a naturally dry part of the country, water reserves are low, and we’re now officially in drought. Some residents have expressed concern about what may be excessive running of sprinklers by developers to irrigate turf laid outside homes they want to sell in their new housing estates. Whilst construction can require significant water and some planning conditions require wheel-washing and dampening to keep dust down, everyone needs to be mindful of conserving water. Our administration at UDC is contacting all developers of major sites to urge that, amongst other things, they try to reduce water use, use slow-release hydrogels in their planting schemes, and use grey-water to clean equipment.”

Louise Pepper (R4U) Louise Pepper (R4U)

R4U’s Cllr Louise Pepper, UDC Portfolio Holder for the Environment, added “Parts of the UK have seen their lowest levels of rain in 130 years. Not only are we seeing our reservoirs worryingly low, but riverbeds continue to dry up. This affects us all and causes serious impact to our local habitat and wildlife. We’re likely to see a total hosepipe ban by the water companies; and if there is a dry winter, there is a real threat of further severe water restrictions. I’ve been asked how residents can help. There are some simple things, such as putting dishwashers and washing machines on only with a full load, taking short showers instead of baths, and not leaving taps running for cleaning teeth and washing up. It would be great if everyone can do the same as my family and friends in taking these and other actions to save water.”

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