Cllr Louise Pepper

Louise has a finance background. However her real passion is our natural environment. She’s on the Stop Easton Park committee and wants to make sure our varied habitat and wildlife are protected. In her spare time around raising her family she volunteers for community initiatives.

“Our historical market town of Great Dunmow is the heart of our local community and its unique character and rural setting is integral to its intrinsic identity. Over development in this region will cause serious harm to its special heritage, environment, local population and wildlife.” Louise Pepper

Louse is one of R4U’s councillors for the Uttlesford District Council Great Dunmow North Ward. The ward has two councillors, the other being R4U’s Cllr Alex Armstrong.


Find about roles and responsibilities by reading the councillor profiles, declarations of interest, portfolio ownership and committee membership on specific council websites

Louise Pepper’s background is in accounting. She is an active campaigner on environment issues and R4U’s spokesperson on Climate Change. For the last 12 years she and her family have lived in the Dunmow area.

Her role on the Stop Easton Park Steering Group committee has given her much stronger connection to this region’s rich past, natural habitat and varied wildlife.

UDC’s proposed new town of 10,000 houses at historic Easton Park would effectively join Great Dunmow, Little Easton and Takeley. By comparison Great Dunmow currently has 4,000 households and Takeley 1,400.

Her commitment to preserving the local area’s important historical landscape, is very important to her.

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