Cllr Arthur Coote

Arthur Coote is a well-respected Saffron Walden councillor. He was born in the town where he lives with his wife. He’s a director of the Bell Nursery and active in many other aspects of town life.

“I’m a strong believer that councils can work harder to do more to create an environment that allows the next generation to grow and give back to society. Through its actions R4U has shown it focuses on the issues that matter and cares about making a difference for local people. After years of being actively engaged with Labour, I joined R4U because they’ve shown that they are the party willing to work collaboratively for local people.” Arthur Coote

Several councillors have switched to R4U from the traditional parties because being free of a national agenda allows them to focus 100% on local residents with local issues.  Nationally Arthur is a long time Labour Party supporter. He was elected as a councillor to Saffron Walden Town Council in 2015 and to Uttlesford District Council in 2019. He was mayor of Saffron Walden for the 2019/2020 year.


Arthur Coote is a well-respected councillor for Saffron Walden. He was born in the town where he lives with his wife. Arthur is active in many aspects of town life including the Baptist Church. Key interest areas for him are community, equality, youth development and sports.

He’s is a family man who is committed to youth development. Arthur is a director and manager of the Bell Nursery in Saffron Walden and member of the charity Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years (PACEY). Two of his children have followed him into education as both are head-teachers, and the third has followed a career in law.

Arthur is a lifelong member of Essex Cricket Club and a strong advocate for sports and healthy lifestyles. He’s been active in the funding and design of new playgrounds by Saffron Walden Town Council, and been working to provide more open spaces and sports facilities.

Nationally and locally Arthur has been a long-time supporter of the Labour Party. He was elected as a councillor to Saffron Walden Town Council in 2015 and serves as Mayor for the 2019/2020 year. Like a number of councillors from all the main national parties, he joined R4U in 2019 to create a difference locally.

Arthur Coote says “Over the last 50 years I have taken part in hundreds of campaigns for Labour candidates. I have stood for office to try to create a more equal society and have been a member of the National Executive Committee of the Labour Party. Over the last 4 years it’s become clear that the best way to represent local residents and uphold the ideals I stand for at the district council is by joining R4U. R4U has shown they care about the community’s future and want to create a positive difference for local people. They’ve proven that they are the only party that has the skills and support to deliver for local people. In my mind it’s simple: I will continue to vote for Labour on national issues, but am standing for R4U to deliver local things for local residents. I urge others to vote local Resident for local matters.”

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