Pedestrian & Cycle Path now open!

I’ve been celebrating this week along with the other members of the Access Walden committee and their supporters as the pedestrian and cycle path from Saffron Walden to Audley End station has finally opened.

Access Walden has been campaigning for the path for more than 4 1/2 years, and although the path represents a compromise, without the wished for segregated path for cyclists and pedestrians, it is the first significant piece of cycle infrastructure anywhere in Saffron Walden or north Uttlesford. My fellow R4U town and district councillor Sharon Morris and I were part of a celebration organised by Access Walden on Sunday morning to mark the finish of the path.

One of my aims is to make Saffron Walden safer for cyclists and pedestrians, and to work with Essex Highways to explore ways in which this can be done. Previously virtually nothing for cyclists has been done and it’s absolutely clear that this path would never have happened without the hugely popular Access Walden campaign who pushed the agenda with local government. It’s a clear demonstration of the need for local people to take action on issues they believe in, and exactly in line with R4U’s core values.

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