Forgotten Roads from the South of the District.

Happy Gnome Year!

Back in the Autumn I had the pleasure of pottering around the South of the District, and it wasn’t just the glorious display of leaves that I stumbled across.


Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 17.08.08Winter can be stunning in Uttlesford, but also a bit dicey on the old roads. The leaves are came down thick and fast, covering a good deal of our roads and pavements. This has been replaced by puddles, mud and grease. If there are faults in the surface, transport users and pedestrians alike can be at risk from vehicle damage or personal injury. As an active gnome, I like to keep myself trim, and take it from me gnomies, joggin’ through leaves might look like the proverbial walk in the park (I don’t go fast), but you can turn your ankle in a pothole in an instant.

On my journey through Great Dunmow, Felsted, Flitch Green and Stebbing, I noted degraded road surfaces, worn speed indications (the ones painted onto the road surface) and several potholes. Trouble on these roads is being able to stop safely so I can get my trusty camera out for a the pothole-selfie. But manage I did, and can add another couple of Gnome pothole reports to my list. Yes gnome fans, these specimens of road surface dentage can be listed on ECC’s pothole reporting website…with interactive map!

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 17.07.45

Top Gnome Tips for Pothole Reporting:

  1. Make sure you take a photo and upload it to the report;
  2. Try and measure the pothole hole so your description can be as accurate as possible;
  3. I use a free GPS app to ensure I have an accurate grid reference -helps the folks at ECC pinpoint the exact location;
  4. Keep a note of the date and the reference number you are given. If you haven’t heard anything in a month, chase, chase, chase!