The signs, they ain’t a-changing…

How do Gnomies?

Been a bit quiet on the gnome front, sorry about that. Hip replacement this Spring and what with all the potholes I go clambering in and out of, I needed to take my time in recovery. But the good news is I’m up and about and back down the Uttlesford allotments, having a chat with folks.

Arfur Common 2

So this parking on the Common in Saffron Walden has been causing a bit of a ruckus! I hobbled down there this morning for a #Gnomie and to see for myself what’s happening. It seems that the Councillor folks at Uttlesford District Council have said that it’s okeydokey to park there now for 3hrs. But those signs haven’t changed!

As long as traffic wardens know to keep a ticket off my van I don’t mind, but it’s not inspiring any confidence. How tricky is it to get a laminator out and rustle up a few signs hey? Might have a go myself.

I also think that at the busiest time of year for folks in the summer hols, popping in and out of our brilliant town, it ain’t fair on tourists who don’t listen to the audio minutes of council meetings… unless they are really stuck for something to do of an evening. The town is missing out here!

And lastly (my bacon sandwich is calling), when the signs do change, will the ‘2hours for the price of 3’ deal we currently get continue? Or is it all a ruse for a future price hike, paying back the cost of a ‘blue-sky-thinker-consultant-type’ to tell UDC that the times needed to change…