Saffron Walden Mayor Anjum visits Bishop of Lahore in advance of reciprocal visit to St Mary’s Church

Cllr Sarfarz Anjum is the Mayor of Saffron Walden and a prominent member of the Saffron Walden Pakistani community. During a trip to Pakistan over the summer he also represented the town by visiting a number of local dignitaries and business leaders. The Saffron Walden Town Council made some of the arrangements for these meetings, including Mayor Anjum’s meeting with the Bishop of Lahore, the highest representative of the Church of England in that province. His trip was funded privately by Cllr Anjum and not the taxpayer.

In return the Bishop of Lahore will be visiting Saffron Walden shortly.

As part of the visit Cllr Anjum carried the trappings of the Mayoral office, including the mayor’s chain, which is now back with the Town Council. The role of the Mayor and the chain are important symbols of the town and its heritage. Whilst it is unusual for the town to be represented abroad, Cllr Anjum is well connected and a similar trip was undertaken in 2007, again with the mayoral trappings and with the approval of the then Conservative Administration.

It has been noted that the local Conservative party is seeking to misrepresent the true facts and defame Mayor Anjum and his intentions for their own party political reasons. For the local Tories to make this complaint smacks of enormous hypocrisy since a similar trip had been made under their previous administration. It is also disappointing that their slurring of his character online seems to have a racial undertone, which is unwelcome and unbecoming.

We look forward to welcoming the Bishop of Lahore to the town and St Mary’s Church.

4 Replies to “Saffron Walden Mayor Anjum visits Bishop of Lahore in advance of reciprocal visit to St Mary’s Church”

  1. Sandra Eden

    As a member of the Town Council, this is just not true. The Chain stays in the possession of the office and can only be taken abroad with specific permission of the Council and the Town Clerk, who knew nothing about the Chain being taken abroad, be it Pakistan or anywhere.

    This has nothing to do with racial comments, it is everything to do with the Mayor taking things into his own hands and disappearing the the Chain for his use. As to this happening before, THE CONSERVATIVE COUNCILLORS KNEW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT THIS OTHER TRIP AND ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING ABOUT THE CHAIN BEING TAKEN ABROAD. We
    did not know anything about this latest trip until he arrived back.

    If the chain is transported overseas, it has to have special insurance and arrangements have to be made to have the artifact kept in a secure location. The insurance will need this notification otherwise I am told, they will not insure. The risk will be too great.

    The Bishop of Lahore will be welcome when he does come.

    In my view, there is NO misrepresentation and these are the facts. He transported the Chain to Pakistan without permission/knowledge of the Council and Town Clerk.

    Sandra Eden Cllr for 9 plus years. I have been Mayor and I know the rules.

  2. Simon Trimnell

    Could you please explain why no opposition councilors it seems knew anything about this and for you to be accusing people of saffron walden of racist overtones on social media it’s beyond belief and also why did the town clerk know nothing about this this morning when was safaz made Lord Mayor of Cambridge as it says in the Indian media or Lord Mayor of Essex as it says on Indian television
    Simon trimnell
    Saffron walden resident and many times defeated candidate in saffron walden
    I also know the rules and have personally known every mayor for the last thirty years

  3. Martyn

    I look forward to reading similar levels of outrage at the goverment’s forced sale of council housing -which amounts to legalised robbery.

  4. Peter Wilson

    @Sandra Eden – how lovely it must be for you to be able to voice your opinion here. Why doesn’t the local tories allow people to comment on their website I wonder.

    I’m very confused about your post: The Walden Local says the chain was insured outside the UK; the local tories are saying it wasn’t and inciting people to complain. Who is lying here? The Walden Local or the local tories? If, indeed, the chain was insured I look forward to seeing a clear apology.

    Secondly there is the matter of the precedent set in 2007. Are you saying that the major DIDNT take his chain outside the country when he was a Tory major or just that you were blissfully ignorant? If it is the latter then it smacks of hypocrisy that it is ok for a Tory mayor to do something but you get hysterical when that person stands for another party.

    I look forward to your clarification on this.

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