Recruitment starts for independent members to join new UDC Investment Board to boost governance

Uttlesford District Council has started recruiting new independent members to join the council’s new Investment Board. Do you have asset management experience and want to help your community?

John Lodge (R4U) John Lodge (R4U)

R4U’s Cllr John Lodge, the UDC Council Leader, said “Residents elected us to come in to UDC and change the way the council runs. That is what we are doing. We’re pleased to say that UDC is now recruiting external independent expert members to join its Investment Board. These new members will improve governance and reduce financial risks. Experience of property investment is required, preferably as part of a business background and ideally at board level. Those interested in finding out more should contact UDC at”

R4U’s John Lodge continued “UDC needs to generate an income from property investment to make up the £3.5million shortfall in Westminster funding. The previous leader oversaw the whole council fund of £50 million of taxpayer money invested in a single asset. That is against all best-practices. Once elected to lead UDC one of our first actions was to create a transparent all-party Investment Board. It is most surprising that it didn’t exist before. The Board is properly constituted and makes recommendations on investments. Importantly the final decisions are made by all councillors because these big financial investments require collective accountability.”

Cllr Lodge added “I am currently overseeing the Board on an interim basis after Cllr Fairhurst left his portfolio. However my intent is that one of the new external independent Board members will be appointed to chair it once they have completed a probationary period. This is another key difference between the previous administration and this one. We inherited a council where the leader also chaired a number of working groups. That is too much concentration of power in one person and not good democracy; and so one-by-one we’ve brought in new chairs to these committees at the appropriate time, as we are doing here.”

Cllr John Lodge concluded “It is clear through these and other actions that R4U is committed to delivering outstanding levels of governance and a local government that is responsible with your money.”