Nominate the pothole you want repaired!

Residents for Uttlesford (R4U) is asking residents to tell us which local potholes they would like to see repaired for prioritisation with ECC.

Paul Gadd (R4U) Paul Gadd (R4U)

R4U’s Cllr Paul Gadd, Essex County Councillor for the Saffron Walden division, said “Essex County Council has recently launched a “Councillor-led pothole scheme”; each county councillor is allowed to nominate up to 36 potholes in their division which should be fixed. Obviously this will only scratch the surface of the maintenance work that needs doing, but we should make the most of this scheme. So fellow R4U Councillor Martin Foley and I are asking residents to tell us which potholes they would like to see repaired in the Saffron Walden and Thaxted county divisions.”

Cllr Gadd continued “We have so far nominated about one-third of our allowance. The scheme treats groups of potholes as a single one, so we’ve been concentrating on identifying badly damaged patches of road which are heavily used. At the moment I’ve been nominating through-roads in Saffron Walden such as Peaslands Road, which are in a poor state, particularly around the Thaxted Rd mini-roundabout, and roads that are important to connect villages, such as Chestnut Avenue and Quicksie Hill.”

Martin Foley (R4U) Martin Foley (R4U)

R4U’s Cllr Martin Foley, Essex County Councillor for the Thaxted division said “So far I’m nominating roads including The B1051 between Haigs and Stanbrook, various number of roads in Debden and Debden Green, and on the Tanyard and Weaverbrook in Thaxted. It would be hugely helpful if residents can let Cllr Gadd or me know what their priorities are. If possible, please let us have a precise location, ideally using the what3words mobile phone application if your use it, and a couple of photos. Please email us at for Thaxted division residents or for Saffron Walden division residents.”

There are 4 Uttlesford county council divisions. Residents can find out their county council division by postcode on this website. The councillors are:

Note: R4U is unsure if the Conservative county councillors are running the same ‘pothole nomination’ programme, but it is worth residents contact them in case they are. Their email addresses are:

All Essex County Councillors are listed here on the ECC website.

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