Survey: Should ECC require booking to use their Waste Recycling Centres?

Essex County Council has announced that they will introduce a new booking system at all of their Household Waste Recycling Centres from 13 March 2023. ECC say that from that date residents will only be able to use the Recycling Centres if they have booked a 15 minute slot no later than the previous day.

The booking system follows a trial in Rayleigh, which ECC say has been positively received for reducing congestion and queuing. It did however also lead to a 13% reduction in waste being taken for recycling and it’s not clear where the waste that usually goes to the recycling centre has gone instead.

At R4U we have received many objections to ECC’s new system on the basis that locally there are no congestion issues, that it is unnecessary, and it will make it harder to use.

Survey Responses and Report

The survey is now closed. Nearly 3,000 residents responded. More than 99% opposed the scheme. Through our County Councillors (Martin Foley and Paul Gadd), we have asked ECC to stop the introduction in Uttlesford.

The survey responses were anonymised and submitted to Essex County Council by our County Councillors Martin Foley and Paul Gadd, who have asked ECC to stop the introduction in Uttlesford. Thank you to all that responded to our survey. Use the button below to view the results.

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