A new business start-up on YOUR doorstep!

Just last week I had a gentleman in the office who was in the early stages of starting a business in the wireless and remote healthcare industry.

It’s an exciting business venture with the potential not only to reduce healthcare costs to the individual and the NHS but also to build on a growing area of high tech solutions for a brilliant 21st century healthcare milieu. And, it’s in our town!

We all look to Cambridge for technological innovation. Its world class colleges and its creative culture are ideal for incubating leading edge ideas.

But here’s an example of a young entrepreneur who has an idea and just gets up and does it.

On our doorstep.

Of course like all the best start –ups it has the potential to fail or, given the right market forces investment and timing it might just succeed. This, I believe, is a gamble we should encourage and nurture.

Having worked in a similar industry many years ago I appreciate the personal risks, the stresses and the rewards of the investment. But we ought to ask ourselves, are we as a community doing all we can to encourage these pioneers to choose us as their base?

Are we offering creative and flexible opportunities which compete for these innovators?

It’s not just about the jobs and commerce that this would bring. It’s about building on the creative energies of our residents to discover new ways to do business and at the same time keeping Uttlesford (and Saffron Walden) on the map.

I’m not proposing to turn our green market town into a silicon valley. Far from it. What I’d would like to see is our town, diverse with ideas and opinions retaining our core values and identity by carefully encouraging small entrepreneurial firms to take advantage of our access to London and Cambridge.

Just imagine a well-run, traditional market town with a thriving intellectual capital base on which to build our future…

2 thoughts on “A new business start-up on YOUR doorstep!

  1. Keith

    It would appear there might be a case for reviewing the performance of the business development function at UDC, and changing things to improve it, such as broadening out the experience. This function is responsible for stimulating local business. It is not unreasonable for people like Paul to be asked if he would devote some of his time and expertise to generating business start-ups in Uttlesford.

    I think there is a healthy pool of latent talent in the district and we should encourage entrepreneurship by whatever means possible. Paul has a solid track record in this area. The potential benefits to the district are huge and include reductions in commuting, increased business rate income and increased local employment opportunities.

    Uttlesford should be taking advantage of its proximity to Cambridge and developing a knowledge based economy that fits into the 21st century. I genuinely believe that Paul will be a big factor in taking us there.

  2. Neil Gregory

    Hi Paul,

    A considered and thoughtful piece.

    One small point where I might, if not disagree with you, then suggest a slightly revised view. – ” I’m not proposing to turn our green market town into a silicon valley.”

    It is happening already, is probably inevitable and should be encouragerd and managed in such a way that is to the long term benefit of the district and residents. The growth of Hinxton, Chesterford Research Park, Granta Park and Addenbrookes are altering the industrial structure/demographics of S Cambs and Uttlesford markedly. This will bring jobs, opportunities and prosperity. Together of course with the potential problems caused by such fundamental change.

    Your point that – “Just imagine a well-run, traditional market town with a thriving intellectual capital base on which to build our future…” is well made. There is an opportunity to provide the incubator/grow on space and facilities in the district that early stage businesses might find hard to access in Cambridge itself, thus further diversifying the employment base locally.



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