“If it ain’t broke …..don’t fix it”

“If it ain’t broke …..don’t fix it”

Some folks I’ve spoken to recently have said that Uttlesford ain’t or isn’t broken so why change things?

And I agree. Saffron Walden and Uttlesford isn’t broken. The traffic is getting a bit hairy at peak hours and, particularly where I live on Ashdon road, it is becoming a bit of a nuisance – but it certainly could be worse.

With a recent bout of flu I found the medical facilities working rather well too. The staff were delightful and the system worked quite smoothly.

The local schools continue to score well on the national ratings and my grandson is having a ball in reception at RAB in Walden. It’s quite simply a great place to live and bring up a family. Even the weather has played ball this year.

So all’s right with the world why vote for anything different?

Because we like it as it is and would prefer to improve or at least maintain it as it is. That’s why.

The beauty and popularity of our district has arguably brought with it new interest and new residents. This inevitably will stress resources and challenge planners. With reduced budgets the council’s job becomes that much more interesting. So what!?

Unless we know where we want to be in five ten and twenty years and plan accordingly we have a lot to lose. The traffic will become unbearable, possibly even dangerous, school resources will become stretched and threaten the quality of education, medical services will deteriorate and all that we cherish could be lost.

Haphazard and reckless planning of housing, infrastructure and services threatens our towns and district. After eight years two million pounds and far too much rhetoric the signs of “progress” are already starting to show. Now is our chance to vote for change. Positive change. Not dramatic unfettered and random change but a change in process. From a top-down arrogant government to a collaborative, thoughtful and consultative process with all our best interests at heart.

That is quite a responsibility but the alternative is eight or more years of debate and random dithering.

For the national election we can vote for national issues, but in the local election lets just vote for Uttlesford.


One thought on ““If it ain’t broke …..don’t fix it”

  1. Keith Mackman

    Actually the district council governance model is broken and the outcome of the Local Plan process demonstrates this. The UDC Cabinet dominated plan was forced through in the teeth of any opposition, heavily whipped regardless of what the UDC Leader claims in the local press (as a previous member of the Tory group I KNOW that it was whipped) and the Inspector savaged it. One can but wonder what might have been the outcome of a proper process with attention paid to the views of residents and objections. I argued that the plan was unsound for over a year to no avail as the UDC Leader and his predecessor ensured that their defective confection went forward. I take little pleasure from being right but voters should not forgive the local Tory leadership and administration for being so utterly wrong with our future and our money. And now bizarrely the Leader thinks he’s the best person to chair the group that purports to correct the plan.

    There is indeed much about UDC that is good and works well. Interestingly, most of that is administered by officers, and elected member involvement is purely decorative, finance, housing, refuse collection etc.

    R4U intend to defend and enhance what is good about UDC and repair the damage that 8 years of mismanagement by the current administration has brought about. Residents have a simple choice, do you want more of what has been happening over the past 8 years or would you like to see your council representing you? Residents for Uttlesford – there is a clue in the name, we do not serve political masters in Westminster, we intend to represent you, the residents, in the way we would administer the council.

    I believe that the current administration does not deserve another term in office. R4U offer a break with the damaged past and an opportunity to restore the reputation of the council. Take that opportunity on May 7th and vote for your local R4U candidates.


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