As the dust settles…

The 7th of May was a day charged with political drama in Great Britain and in Uttlesford. As the dust settles we find the national Government in the hands of a Tory majority but the Tory majority in Uttlesford District was greatly reduced.

In the Saffron Walden wards, R4U made a clean sweep. A tremendous vote of confidence in a party just 6 months old!

Clearly the voters agreed that local issues demand local solutions and that they would like a voice in the future of their town and district.

I was fortunate to be elected for both district and town councils and feel both humbled and honoured to be granted this mandate.

But now the work really begins.

It seemed like miles of walking to canvass throughout the Shire ward but there are many more miles still to cover. We are not in the majority and there’s is much to be done.

As a collaborative party we are committed to working with all other parties to improve the conditions in your district and I already sense a changed attitude to cooperation.

May I just say a very warm thank you to all those who voted on Thursday, 7th of May. Whether or not it was for R4U or for other candidates. We will do our very best to deliver on our promises. We will listen to your views and work hard to represent those in council.

This has been a really positive beginning. Here’s to an equally positive four years for us all.

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