Policy Statement: Finance, Local Government & Council Services

You said:

Why does no-one listen to local people? Stop wasting our money.

We are a residents’ party and we will listen to you and make sure that we all ‘get our voice back’. We will always be open, transparent, democratic and accountable to you and make rational decisions based on evidence – not on party politics. We will work for the community together with other parties and independents to truly represent the interests of Uttlesford residents. Where possible, we will devolve decision-making to towns and villages. We will review and improve, or if necessary replace, the current Cabinet system to make the Council fairer and all voices heard.

We will make the Council more efficient, stop the waste of money and provide better value for your Council Taxes, including resolving the issue of the millions of pounds currently held in duplicated or seemingly unneeded reserves.

We will be strong advocates for Uttlesford on policies we can’t directly control such as education, highways and healthcare, and support vulnerable residents and the agencies working with them.