Policy Statement: Housing & Planning

You said:

Build for locals and put the infrastructure in first.

Our planning will be driven by identified housing needs and realities and we will put in place a series of measures to conserve the natural and built environment of Uttlesford. Our planning will be sustainable and innovative, incorporate the infrastructure essential for our vibrant and growing communities.

To meet that identified housing need, if it is the most sustainable option, we will explore the possibility of building one or more settlements in suitable areas that will take the majority of new housing. We will consult with residents about any such proposals. Recommendations will be based on evidence and best practice – not Westminster party politics or central government edicts.

We will encourage parish Neighbourhood Plans and consult with you about implementing the Community Infrastructure Levy so that towns and villages can directly receive up to 25% of the financial proceeds of any homebuilding in their communities.

We will obtain the right mix of social and market housing built to high environmental and energy efficiency standards and ensure that designs are in keeping with the local area. We will ensure that developers meet all their commitments in full with significant and worthwhile contributions for the benefit of local communities.