Aisha Anjum: Thrilled to be a new R4U Candidate!

I’m thrilled to be a R4U Prospective Candidate for the upcoming UDC elections and to belong to the only political party in the region formed exclusively by residents to represent their views.

For far too too long the traditional political parties have been promoting a national agenda at a local government level. The end result being we are left with a highly bureaucratic and centralised system that is unable and unwilling to stop and listen to the people who matter – the residents.

Local politics should be about letting the residents have a say about the future of their local community. Unfortunately this idea seems to have been forgotten and its high time for us to get back to the basics! The failed £2 million Local Plan is an unfortunate reminder of the mess we are all in.

Over the next few months I look forward to speaking with the residents about their thoughts, concerns and ideas for the future of our community.