Yes, it’s that time to vote local again!

There are local elections in less than a month. Please vote Residents for Uttlesford to keep your voice local. R4U is  standing candidates in the Dunmow, Saffron Walden and Stansted county divisions, and the Newport ward for the district by-election that is happening there.

Uttlesford residents received their poll cards in the post in the last week. That means local elections are on us again. In less than a month, on 4th May, we will vote for new Essex county councillors. And in the Uttlesford District Newport ward there is a by-election.

Our priorities or theirs?

Our county council is important because they take 72p in every £1 of our council taxes. They spend it on things like schools, roads, public transport, family services, social care, and libraries.

We don’t think they’ve spent our money efficiently or on our priorities – even though they keep raising our taxes, things aren’t getting better. Our schools are full, our buses have been cut, and many of our roads have potholes the size of craters – and it wasn’t even a particularly icy winter!

Solving problems and getting things done

Since 2013 many Uttlesford residents have had their own Residents county, district, town and parish councillors. Our councillors work for you from Dunmow to Saffron Walden and we are now the second largest group at Uttlesford District Council. In fact we have two-and-a-half times the number of councillors as the Lib-Dems.

Where we have many councillors we have made sure that residents’ voices are heard, longstanding problems are fixed, budgets are balanced, spending is properly focused, and our quality of local life is improved.

Only R4U is different

But in other places, politicians in place for decades and protected by their national parties have become complacent, taking our taxes and ignoring our needs. We don’t need career politicians. Residents for Uttlesford is genuinely different – it is the ONLY vote that will deliver better local representation. And voters agree.

Votes cast in Elsenham & Henham District By-Election (February 2017)

Elsenham and Henham residents voted local resident in the February by-election. R4U won both seats with an astounding 60% of the vote.

Residents not Politicians

We are standing candidates in three of the four county divisions in Uttlesford: Alex Armstrong in Dunmow, Heather Asker in Saffron Walden, and Anthony Gerard in Stansted. In the Newport district ward Jo Parry, the existing R4U councillor is moving abroad and so local Anthony Gerard is standing for R4U in a by-election on the same day. If you’re not sure which division or ward you’re in, you can find out by popping your postcode in to

Uttlesford residents  will have started getting our leaflets through your door. If you haven’t yet or want to find out more, you can click on the pictures below to visit our candidates pages, read their leaflets, or ask questions.

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Unlike many of the candidates from the national parties, our candidates all actually live in the places they want to represent and have a great record of already supporting residents.