Residents’ champions stand up for Newport and Sampford in Uttlesford District Council By-Elections

Residents for Uttlesford (R4U) is fielding candidates in both Uttlesford District Council by-elections on 6th May for the Newport and Sampfords wards.

Judy Emanuel (R4U) Judy Emanuel (R4U)

Newport Uttlesford District ward councillor Neil Hargraves said “Judy Emanuel is standing up for the Newport Ward second seat, and Uli Gerhard for the Sampfords Ward. They are outstanding candidates, who if elected will put their ward residents first. Please support both district council candidates – and your Residents Essex County Council candidates too.”

R4U’s Neil Hargreaves continued “Judy Emanuel is an accomplished Newport Parish Councillor and we work well as a team. Her career spans start-ups, recruiting companies and a large IT consultancy. She’s been part of the driving force behind the Newport Quendon & Rickling Neighbourhood Plan and been successful at appeals stopping major unsustainable development in the ward. She’s highly active in the ward, where she lives with her family.”

Uli Gerhard (R4U) Uli Gerhard (R4U)

R4U’s Cllr Martin Foley, who represents the Thaxted and the Eastons ward which adjoins the Sampfords ward, added “Radwinter ex-school governor Uli Gerhard has a career in banking and investment portfolio management. He’s an avid beekeeper who cares about rural village life. He is married to local GP Dr Yvonne Girgis-Hanna and their children attend SWCHS. The Sampfords by-election is happening due to the sudden passing of our dear friend and colleague R4U’s Cllr Alan Storah, who loved representing the ward.”

R4U’s Martin Foley concluded “Two years ago residents elected R4U to lead UDC as the party of positive change – and we have delivered. The inherited £multi-million financial hole has been fixed, the previous administration’s failed Local Plan is back on track, and we’re fighting at appeal to prevent an unsustainable airport expansion. New income is delivering sports facilities, a £1m climate change programme, and a £1m Covid High Street and local economy recovery programme. But there is much more to do. Electing Residents for Uttlesford’s Judy Emanuel and Uli Gerhard to UDC will give ward residents the best local representation possible and help us make more positive changes at UDC.”

Essex County Council - Your Residents Candidates

There are 4 county divisions in Uttlesford. Here are our candidates.
Cllr Geoff Bagnall

Cllr Geoff Bagnall

Takeley resident and district councillor Geoff has had a career in fixing performance at financial companies, which are skills he’s used in his UDC roles as chair of the Local Plan Working Group and Investment Board.
Cllr Bianca Donald

Cllr Bianca Donald

Bianca has taught in Uttlesford schools since 2004 and knows many local parents. As an Elsenham resident, parish and district councillor, she serves on the New Village Hall and playground refurbishment committees. She’s an avid grassroots sports participant, previously netball and now rounders.
Cllr Martin Foley

Cllr Martin Foley

Long-time Thaxted resident Martin has been a UDC councillor since 1995. He’s a visible campaigner for our rural environment against over-development and to save our local libraries from ECC cuts, even also becoming a county councillor in 2021 to hold them to account.

District Council and Town Council By-Elections - Your Residents Candidates

There are by-elections in Newport, the Sampfords and Saffron Walden wards.
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