Cllr Garry LeCount (Elsenham & Henham)

An experienced entrepreneur, music and video industry senior executive and finance director, who has also served on Henham parish council for two years and lived in the village for thirty-four. He joined the council to make a difference and bring positive changes to local issues, and now has the opportunity to take them to Uttlesford directly.

“Henham and Elsenham residents have been poorly represented on local issues by national party politicians. In fact our villages have shown we can achieve a lot more when we take things into our own hands. At the end of the day it comes down to trust. Who do you trust more to look after the interests of our villages – those that live here and work on our parish councils already or national party politicians that are parachuted in? By electing residents’ own district councillors we can stand up for ourselves again and better steer our own future. If you elect me I will continue to work for only one boss, my fellow residents.” Garry LeCount


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Garry LeCount and his wife Yvonne have lived in Henham for 34 years. Garry has served on Henham parish council for two years. His responsibilities include highways, footpaths, web site and a new local information brochure. Recently, he was instrumental in closing a dangerous railway crossing in the ward, and continues to bring positive changes to local issues, and now has the opportunity to take them directly to Uttlesford.

Outside of the village he has built a successful career as a serial managing director and senior executive in the music and video industry, with leadership roles in companies such as EMI and Carlton TV. He currently works as Financial Director for his son Richard building a group of successful media companies. He also has a daughter Simone with two children. When not working he enjoys a game of golf, music history, and being with his young grandchildren.