Cllr Garry LeCount

An experienced entrepreneur in the media industry, Garry has been a senior executive for companies including EMI, Carlton TV and ITV. He is one of the two Elsenham and Henham district councillors and has served on Henham parish council Since 2015. He has lived in Henham for more than 35 years.

“In 2017 you trusted Petrina Lees and I with your district council vote. Since then we’ve worked as a team to protect and enhance village life. We’ve dealt with many local issues, such as the road resurfacing outside the Elsenham shops, travellers, railway crossings and highway issues including speeding.” Garry LeCount

At UDC Garry is a member of the Investment Committee, where he is able to scrutinise council investments using his significant career experience in buying and selling media companies.

Garry is also Vice Chair of the UDC Scrutiny Committee. I will allow him to monitor of district’s new Local Plan as it progresses over the current council term. He says that it is his “objective to get a fair and sound plan that will be acceptable to all and protect our villages and towns from unsustainable mass development.”


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Garry LeCount is an experienced entrepreneur in the media industry, and has been a senior executive for companies including EMI and Carlton TV and ITV. He and his wife have lived in Henham for 36 years.

He is one of the two Elsenham and Henham district councillors and serves on Henham parish council. At Uttlesford District Council he is a vice chair of the Scrutiny committee that brings to account the Councils decisions that fall below the standards that residents expect. He is also a key member of the council’s Investment Committee. He is also a member of both the Stansted Airport Community Trust and Uttlesford Transport Forum.

At Henham Parish Council his responsibilities include highways, footpaths, web site and a new local information brochure. He was instrumental in closing a dangerous railway pedestrian crossing in Henham and as a district councillor in the resurfacing of the road outside the shops in Elsenham. He works to continue to bring positive changes to local issues by driving them through UDC and ECC.

Elsewhere in the ward he serves as a committee member on the PPG (Patient Participation Group) at Elsenham Surgery.

Garry is very concerned about unsustainable mass-homebuilding in the villages. In 2018 he voted to submit the Uttlesford Local Plan to Government, to stop uncontrolled additional housing and expansion in Henham, Elsenham and the rest of the district.

Outside of the village he has built a successful career as a serial managing director and senior executive in the music and video industry, with leadership roles in companies such as EMI and Carlton TV and ITV. He currently works as Financial Director for his son building a group of successful media companies.

He has a daughter with two children, and when not working he enjoys golf, music history, and being with his young grandchildren.

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