It’s all about trust.

We have focused our Residents’ campaign on policies to shape Uttlesford’s future. But when the electorate is being so deliberately misled, it is difficult to let it pass. Recent public …read more →

Listening and building sustainable communities.

In last week’s press, a correspondent made some excellent points about the exciting rise of R4U as a political force in a time when we need collective action to address …read more →

Meeting residents at Carver Barracks…

The other night I called at the houses on Carver Barracks. Before I returned home this note hit my inbox: Stewart Thank you very much for coming up to visit tonight …read more →

Press Release: Plan for the First 100 Days outlined by Residents for Uttlesford

Tuesday 26th April 2015, Uttlesford: Residents for Uttlesford (R4U), the local advocacy group for towns and villages, has announced its plan for the first 100-days of its administration if elected …read more →

Getting the job of local government done.

I am here because first and foremost, I am a resident of Uttlesford. I never intented to get into politics, and yet, the changes I have seen during 44 years …read more →

“Just what we need – politics out of Local Government”

I have had a wonderful time canvassing with the folks from Duddenhoe End, Littlebury Green, Catmere End and Strethall. The people I spoke to were well informed, articulate, and very …read more →

Bridlepath Battle in Takeley leads to election campaign

For the past year I have been negotiating (doing battle) with the planning department of Uttlesford District Council, who gave planning permission for Countryside Properties to build a development of …read more →

Radical measures to make our roads safer…

I was delighted to see from the front pages of last week’s press that many local politicians appear to have been reading from our manifesto and are proposing a greater …read more →

Flocking to Clavering…

I am pleased to share evidence of the unexpectedly big turn out in one of the more remote areas of Clavering Ward yesterday as they flocked to see me on …read more →

We can all do better…

Why stand for an experimental new party in local elections, especially when there is also a general election taking place? Simply because we can do better. The towns, villages and …read more →