Essex County Council: Thaxted Division

Uttlesford has 4 Essex County Council Divisions (‘super wards’).

The Essex County Council Thaxted Division covers this area:

It includes residents from the following parishes:
  • Debden
  • Hadstock
  • Little Dunmow
  • Lindsell
  • Little Bardfield
  • Thaxted
  • Great Sampford
  • Little Easton
  • Stebbing
  • Sewards End
  • Flitch Green
  • Great Easton
  • Radwinter
  • Wimbish
  • Ashdon
  • Tilty
  • Felsted
  • Hempstead
  • Little Sampford
  • Broxted
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Current Essex County Councillor

The Essex County Council Thaxted Division has 1 County councillor:

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More information about Uttlesford electoral areas

A number of wards are combined into a county council Division, which is in effect a ‘super ward’.
Essex County Council has 4 Divisions in Uttlesford, each returning a single County Councillor, who are elected every 4 years. These elections are offset from the District elections by 2 years. That means that the next Essex County Council election is in May 2017.
The following are the Essex County Council Divisions in Uttlesford District:

Uttlesford Wards

The following are the Uttlesford District wards: