Uttlesford District: Saffron Walden Castle Ward

The Uttlesford District Saffron Walden Castle Ward in Essex includes the following areas of Saffron Walden north of Ashdon Rd, Radwinter Rd, Church St, High St, and Bridge St..

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Representation by Residents for Uttlesford

Your Residents for Uttlesford (R4U) councillors are:

More information about Uttlesford electoral areas

A number of wards are combined into a county council Division, which is in effect a ‘super ward’.
Essex County Council has 4 Divisions in Uttlesford, each returning a single County Councillor, who are elected every 4 years. These elections are offset from the District elections by 2 years. That means that the next Essex County Council election is in May 2017.
The following are the Essex County Council Divisions in Uttlesford District:

Uttlesford Wards

The following are the Uttlesford District wards: