Watch the BBC News feature from Saffron Walden that highlights the new housing challenges facing many parts of Britain

As part of its Housing Britain series, the BBC News at 6 and 10 visited Saffron Walden where rapid development and a lack of infrastructure are causing friction. The correspondent …read more →

Don’t play ‘party politics’ with the local plan.

In last week’s press the Conservative UDC leader asserted that R4U Councillors had played naïve protest politics with regard to the New Plan consultation document. If so then let us …read more →

Residents’ power: Remedial works started on Wenden Rd by Essex County Council

We’re still working hard on behalf of residents to try to get the Wenden Rd Pedestrian and Cycle Way improved. The scheme ECC implemented is a compromise, but we want …read more →

BBC News at 6 and 10 feature from Saffron Walden on Thursday 22

On Thursday 22st October the national BBC News at 6 and 10 will air a segment about housing development that they filmed with Residents for Uttlesford (R4U) in Saffron Walden. …read more →

What lies beneath? Market Square excavations…

Saffron Walden Market Square is collapsing – again! Some years ago, it was refurbished with paviours, and looked quite smart. But sink holes keep on forming, and they are costly …read more →

A stone-picking success for Saffron Walden Town Council!

Lots of supporters descended on the land between the Anglo American Playing Fields and Catons Lane last Saturday, with the mission of collecting as many stones as possible from the …read more →

R4U operating as an effective opposition, demanding quality for residents.

At the previous council meeting there was nothing much to discuss or vote on. The other night was different – we had the big subjects of Essex devolution and the …read more →

Circling for parking? Nowhere for your bike? Pavements too narrow? Take our ‘getting around Saffron Walden’ survey.

Essex County Council has a small amount of money to be spent by communities to improve roads and pavements. It isn’t enough to make major changes to roads, so for …read more →

Press Release: Residents for Uttlesford slam UDC Cabinet’s attempt to pander to developers in new Local Plan consultation

14th October 2015, Uttlesford: Residents for Uttlesford (R4U), the local advocacy group for towns and villages, has branded the latest draft Local Plan consultation document produced by UDC as biased …read more →

Saffron Walden residents request improvements to Wenden Rd pedestrian and cycle route from Essex County Council

12th October 2015, Uttlesford: Residents for Uttlesford (R4U), the local advocacy group for towns and villages, has submitted detailed proposals to Essex County Council (ECC) to improve the Wenden Road …read more →