Uttlesford District Sampfords Ward

The Sampfords Ward in north-west Essex is administered by Uttlesford District Council.

Representation by Residents for Uttlesford

Below are the Residents for Uttlesford (R4U) representatives for Sampfords Ward.
Team Member About
There are currently no R4U councillors here - find out how to contact one from another party.
Uli Gerhard
Uli has PhD in Chemistry from Cambridge and a career in investment banking. During the pandemic he has also been volunteering in local vaccination centres. Uli cares passionately about our rural environment and his spare time he’s an avid beekeeper. He and his wife, local GP Dr Yvonne Girgis-Hanna, live in Radwinter and their children attend SWCHS.

Map and Location

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Related Electoral Areas

Some or all of the households in the following parishes are in the Uttlesford District The Sampfords Ward, and are covered by the following county division(s):

More information about Uttlesford electoral areas

A number of wards are combined into a county council Division, which is in effect a ‘super ward’.
Essex County Council has four Divisions in Uttlesford, each returning a single County Councillor, who are elected every 4 years. These elections are offset from the District elections by 2 years. That means that the next Essex County Council election is in May 2021.
The following are the Essex County Council Divisions in Uttlesford District:

Uttlesford Wards

The following are the Uttlesford District wards: