Uttlesford Conservatives & the Saffron Walden Constituency

A Conservative choice

Unhappy Tory voters do have a choice. Residents-for-Uttlesford is not a national political party. It is for informed residents that love where they live and want to create a better local future for their children and their children’s children. It wants a local government of the residents, by the residents for the residents.

Wasted £millions of taxpayers’ money

One of the biggest failures of the current Uttlesford Tory leadership is that wasted more than £2 million of local taxpayers money developing a flawed Local Plan that was refused by the Planning Inspectorate. This was in spite of the fact that they had been told several times that it would fail and it had been rejected by 99% twice. The by-product of this failure was the council let 1,000s of homes be built on Uttlesford towns and villages without the required infrastructure.

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Uttlesford District Wards

The following are the new wards for the 2015 local elections in Uttlesford.

Uttlesford District Election Results

The following page contains results for the 7th May 2015 Uttlesford District Council local elections.

Seats Won by Party

  • Conservative: 23 (-26%, -8 seats)
  • Residents for Uttlesford: 9 (+125%, +5 seats)
  • Liberal Democrat: 6
  • Independent: 1

Ward Results Map by Party

Note: Stripes denote multi-seat wards where several parties have each won seats.

Ward Results by Candidate

Details of each ward can be found on the ward page.

Uttlesford District WardCandidate Votes
AshdonRolfe, Howard (Cons) *Elected 575
Starr, Dan (R4U) 533
Tyler, Barry (UKIP) 125
Ashdon Total 1,233
Broad Oak & the HallingburysAllum, David (UKIP) 586
Artus, Keith (Cons) *Elected 1,136
Brown, Amanda (R4U) 228
Dyer, Mike (LibDem) 223
McCarthy, Bill (Lab) 273
Tait, Susan (R4U) 132
Wells, Lesley (Cons) *Elected 1,056
Broad Oak & the Hallingburys Total 3,634
ClaveringDunn, Samantha (LibDem) 126
Oliver, Edward (Cons) *Elected 871
Storah, Alan (R4U) 417
Clavering Total 1,414
Debden & WimbishGrogan, Janet (Lab) 111
Knight, Tina (Cons) *Elected 631
Luck, Stewart (R4U) 338
O'Brien, Patrick (LibDem) 103
Debden & Wimbish Total 1,183
Elsenham & HenhamAdams, Lillian (Lab) 102
Gleeson, Rory (LibDem) *Elected 912
Goodwin, Anthony (Cons) 455
Hilary Todd (Lab) 110
Hithersay, Liam (Cons) 444
Lees, Petrina (Ind) 590
Parr, Elizabeth (LibDem) *Elected 1,009
Elsenham & Henham Total 3,622
Felsted & StebbingBarbier, Humphrey (Lab) 218
Felton, Marie (Cons) *Elected 1,061
Jackson, Grace (R4U) 95
Jackson, Tom (R4U) 76
McNicoll, Anna (UKIP) 415
Mills, Alan (Cons) *Elected 1,007
Silcock, Richard (Ind) 667
Sowter, David (Lab) 191
Stannard, Alan (UKIP) 247
Thawley, Alan (LibDem) 311
Felsted & Stebbing Total 4,288
Flitch Green & Little DunmowHarris, Stephanie (Cons) *Elected 727
Mustafa, Winnie (R4U) 243
Richards, Fran (LibDem) 66
Zanganah, Yad (Lab) 112
Flitch Green & Little Dunmow Total 1,148
Great Dunmow NorthArmstrong, Alex (R4U) 795
Davey, John (Cons) *Elected 876
Davies, Paul (Cons) *Elected 856
Gilbert, Susan (R4U) 673
Glennie, Coral (Lab) 249
Morgan, David (LibDem) 182
Great Dunmow North Total 3,631
Great Dunmow South & BarnstonBarker, Graham (Cons) *Elected 1,412
Brown, Ian (R4U) 1,066
Caton, Maureen (LibDem) 344
Darcy, Gerard (Lab) 379
Hicks, Eric (Cons) *Elected 1,364
Mackman, Keith (R4U) 1,019
Milovanovic, Milan (R4U) 814
Ranger, Vic (Cons) *Elected 1,273
Sargeant, Duncan (Lab) 319
Great Dunmow South & Barnston Total 7,990
Hatfield HeathFlack, Tom (Cons) 571
Lemon, Mark (Ind) *Elected 599
Richards, Juliet (LibDem) 67
Hatfield Heath Total 1,237
High Easter & the RodingsBarker, Susan (Cons) *Elected 974
Evans, Iris (LibDem) 135
Lloyd, Sandra (R4U) 205
High Easter & the Rodings Total 1,314
Littlebury, Chesterford & Wenden LoftsChambers, Robert (Cons) *Elected 984
Francis, Joanna (Ind) 564
Hawke-Smith, Patrick (R4U) 499
Irons, Belinda (R4U) 524
Leighton, Philip (Lab) 295
Menell, Jan (Ind) 850
Redfern, Julie (Cons) *Elected 1,020
Littlebury, Chesterford & Wenden Lofts Total 4,736
NewportDyer, Marion (LibDem) 285
Hargreaves, Neil (R4U) *Elected 1,004
Moran, John (Cons) 601
Parry, Joanna (R4U) *Elected 1,028
Rose, Jeremy (Cons) 624
Newport Total 3,542
Saffron Walden AudleyEvans, John (Lab) 204
Hibbs, Mike (LibDem) 692
Light, Barbara (R4U) *Elected 815
Morris, Sharon (R4U) *Elected 880
O'Brien, Dave (Lab) 137
Perry, Doug (Cons) 657
Sawtell,Mary (Green) 179
Shibata, Hilary (LibDem) 290
Walters, Alastair (Cons) 651
Saffron Walden Audley Total 4,505
Saffron Walden CastleAsker, Heather (R4U) *Elected 914
Coote, Arthur (Lab) 305
Eastham, Bob (Cons) 617
Freeman, Richard (R4U) *Elected 735
Hughes, Barbara (LibDem) 233
Law, Stephanie (UKIP) 188
Sadler, David (Cons) 559
Trimnell, Simon (Lab) 268
Saffron Walden Castle Total 3,819
Saffron Walden ShireAnjum, Aisha (R4U) *Elected 1,329
Balliger, Ben (Cons) 1,010
Boland, Patrick (Ind) 240
Eden, Sandra (Cons) 1,064
Fairhurst, Paul G (R4U) *Elected 1,346
Lodge, John (R4U) *Elected 1,624
Morton, Yvonne (Lab) 505
Nelson, Michael (Cons) 978
Roberts, Trilby (Green) 474
Sault, Sonia (LibDem) 453
Williamson, Adrian (Lab) 353
Saffron Walden Shire Total 9,376
Stansted NorthClarke, Mike (Cons) 761
Davies, Ian (Lab) 310
Dean, Alan (LibDem) *Elected 1,377
Salmon, John (Cons) 998
Sell, Geoffrey (LibDem) *Elected 1,011
Stansted North Total 4,457
Stansted South & BirchangerCaton, Melvin (LibDem) 697
Farthing, Terry (Cons) *Elected 828
Flawn, Lori (LibDem) 500
Gerard, Anthony (R4U) 198
Goddard, Thom (Cons) *Elected 756
Parry, David (R4U) 168
Stannard, Karmel (Green) 154
Wadham, John (Lab) 265
Stansted South & Birchanger Total 3,566
Stort ValleyBeeching, Alexis (Cons) 551
Loughlin, Janice (LibDem) *Elected 639
Stort Valley Total 1,190
TakeleyBagnall, Geoff (Ind) 325
Brandon, Terry (Lab) 46
Coker, Sharron (UKIP) 770
Emsden, Peter (R4U) 599
Gordon, Jim (Cons) *Elected 1,195
Jones, Derek (Cons) *Elected 1,384
Kimber, Paul (LibDem) 380
Ryles, Howard (Cons) *Elected 867
Sullivan, Natalie (R4U) 857
Takeley Total 6,423
Thaxted & the EastonsFoley, Martin (LibDem) *Elected 1,198
Freeman, John (Cons) *Elected 1,182
Menuhin, Aaron (Cons) 913
Pretty, Judith (Lab) 231
Spencer, Jon (Lab) 157
Wattebot, Antoinette (LibDem) 827
Thaxted & the Eastons Total 4,508
The SampfordsAnjum, Sarfraz (R4U) 274
Donovan, Peter (Lab) 124
Howell, Simon (Cons) *Elected 814
Hudson, John (LibDem) 100
The Sampfords Total 1,312
Grand Total 78,128